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Photography_Special effect

Some Common technique of Photography Here the main subject is more or less sharp, all other elements are in motion blur. This special effect was created by panning the camera with the moving performer. Special effect: Images with special effect can be created during photography or software editing. In the photo at the bottom of [...]

Tonal and color harmony in photography

Some Common technique of Photography How to create color harmony in photography. Tonal and color harmony: The word harmony refers to support, adjustment, coordination, similarity, matching etc. We live in a society together with people of different religion, color, cast, and creed depending on each other. This is one kind of social harmony. Opposite of [...]

The Digital Zones

The Digital Zones System (Proposed for precision exposure metering) In digital photography Red-0, Green-0, Blue-0 means such black that it cannot be darker anymore. Red-128, Green-128, Blue-128 means such neutral grey that falls in the middle point of black and white, which may refer as 18% grey or mid neutral grey. Red-255, Green-255, Blue-255 means [...]

Composition-Use of guiding / leading line

Some Common technique of Photography Use of guiding/leading line: A straight line or a curved line can direct the viewer from one end of the image to the other end. A subject can have greater attention if it is placed at the end or at the middle of such line. Converging lines can also work [...]

Transformation according to distance:

Common Composition technique of photography Transformation according to distance: Transformation may occur according to size, brightness or clarity. Size changes depending on perspective; clarity changes depending on depth-of-field or some other reason. In a foggy winter nearer objects looks clear but farther objects gradually loose clarity. This situation refers to a special time of a [...]

Composition-Use of converging line

Some Common technique of Photography Use of converging line: Some elements may create line effect in an image. If more than one lines meet or tend to meet at one point then those lines are called converging lines. Converging lines highly increases the feel of distance. Wider the lens, stronger the feel of convergence. Photographer [...]